Last Updated 17 Feb 2021


Public access is granted for up to 50 days in each year, however, as a rule the number of days granted falls well short of the maximum. Public notices are posted on the Ministry of Defence website and in the local press. Access is usually granted during the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods; also, during August. The military training programme will dictate dates of public access in any one year. 

**  St Giles Church is CLOSED**
St Giles Church is currently closed to visitors

St Giles Church and Imber Open Days in 2021
Easter Open Days - Cancelled

We regret to say that St Giles Church will not be open to visitors at Easter this year.  The reasons are due to the pandemic.  Many of you will have visited St Giles and know that the church is relatively small.  The number of visitors that we might expect over the Easter period would make it impossible for the organisers to ensure a COVID secure environment inside the building and it would not be in the best interests of both the volunteer staff or our visitors to have to hold people up outside in socially distanced queues in order to keep to a limited number inside.

Summer Open Days and Imberbus
IMBERBUS DAY   We are making provisional plans for the Imber Bus Day on Saturday 21st August when the church will also be open.   As was planned for 2020 no vehicles, including cyclists and walkers will be permitted to enter SPTA to allow buses free and uninterrupted passage on the narrow roads and at the turnaround points.  Please note this is an extra stand-alone day and not one of the normal church open days.   Details and arrangements for parking will be advised in due course, subject, as is expected to the easing of restrictions during the pandemic.   We are prepared for this not to happen but our thinking is that it is better to put the arrangements in place as it will be far easier to cancel at short notice rather than to arrange at short notice. 
SUMMER OPEN DAYS  We are also arranging provisional dates for our normal St Giles Church Open Days to take place from Thursday 26th through to Monday 30th August inclusive when it is planned for the roads through to Imber to be open to cars, cyclists and walkers.  More details will be available nearer the time and we will review up to about two weeks beforehand and depending on the situation regarding the pandemic.

Have you Questions about visiting St Giles Church ?
You may have questions about your proposed visit to Imber and St Giles Church when it is open in the future.  We have a section that aims to answer all your questions so please click here to go to the FAQs Section

Withdrawal of Access

The Ministry of Defence may withdraw access to Imber for operational reasons at short notice.  Please check here near to the time you wish to visit as we will post any changes as soon as possible after we are made aware of them.  We cannot be held responsible for nugatory travel or accommodation expenses in the event that the MoD refuses access to Imber.


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Please note that the Ministry of Defence always reserves the right to close off access to Salisbury Plain and Imber for operational reasons and without notice.


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