Last Updated 21 Aug 2017


Public access is granted for up to 50 days in each year, however, as a rule the number of days granted falls well short of the maximum. Public notices are posted on the Ministry of Defence website and in the local press. Access is usually granted during the Easter and Christmas/New Year periods; also, during August. The military training programme will dictate dates of public access in any one year. 


The Church is closed and there is no public access to Imber until this coming Saturday.

St Giles Church will be open to visitors on 26th, August between 1000hrs and 1800hrs (10am to 6pm) to fit with the Imberbus timetable.

then on 27th and 28th August between 1100hrs and 1600hrs (11am to 4pm) each day.

Many of you will notice that the number of days on which the MoD is allowing access to Imber and St Giles Church this coming august have been significantly reduced. The reason for this restriction is that visitors have been ignoring the instructions regarding trespassing in the restricted areas in Imber village. There is a good reason why no access is allowed. Going into restricted areas puts the individual at risk of injury or even death as there can be unexploded ordnance in those areas. We cannot emphasise too greatly that if trespassing continues there is a good chance that the MoD will find it necessary to completely deny public access to St Giles Church in the future. We do not want that and we are sure that you don't either. So, when you visit please keep to the public areas and tell anybody who is outside those areas why they should also keep clear.  We want to continue to provide visitor access to St Giles Church but we need your co-operation and help.

 Please note that access to SPTA and Imber can be withdrawn by the MoD at short notice for operational reasons.  This is outside our control.

Withdrawal of Access

The Ministry of Defence may withdraw access to Imber for operational reasons at short notice.  Please check here near to the time you wish to visit as we will post any changes as soon as possible after we are made aware of them.  We cannot be held responsible for nugatory travel or accommodation expenses in the event that the MoD refuses access to Imber.


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Please note that the Ministry of Defence always reserves the right to close off access to Salisbury Plain and Imber for operational reasons and without notice.


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