Last Updated 20 Nov 2018

There has been a settlement at Imber since 967AD.  The village was evacuated in 1943 and remains deserted until today

The Church of St Giles is open for visitors and services on specified days of the year

The Friends of St Giles offer everybody a warm welcome on the days shown on the Events page

Access to Imber
and St Giles

St Giles Church courtesy of Shazz Hooper

St Giles Church is CLOSED
St Giles Church, Imber is now Closed to visitors.  It will be open later in 2018  Read Here for Further Information

Christmas 2018 and New Year 2019 Open Days
Details of the days when St Giles Church is open to visitors over the Christmas and New Year periods are now available here.

Christmas Festival of Carols

All tickets for the annual Festival of Carols have been sold.  We apologise to everybody who has missed out this year.  Admission is only by Ticket.  Read Here for Further Information

Where is Vedette Post No 2 ?
We are told that a number of people have difficulty finding VP2 when access to Imber is only allowed by escorted convoy.  Go Here for Details of VP2

Access to Imber Village - Read This
There is no general admission to Imber Village or St Giles Church outside advertised dates for public access.  Read Here for Further Information

Mailing List goes over 4,030
We now have over 4,030 members on the St Giles Mailing List.  Joining is easy (see left hand side) it is free of charge and we do not share your details with any third party.  Why not sign up now ?

Access to Imber Ranges
There is no access to the Army Ranges on Salisbury Plain without prior permission from the MoD.  Go Here for Information

 SPTA Newsletter Changes
Please Note that the SPTA Newsletter is only being issued via its web site from now on.  You can see the latest Newsletters by going here  (opens in a new window)

Are you a Film or TV Company  ?
Upated Information If you are a Film or TV company or a photographer seeking authority to film on SPTA, please see important details   more information here

Interested in Church Bells ?
St Giles Church has a light ring of 6 bells.  Interested in the bells ?  Are you a bellringer ?  You can find more information here

Frequently Asked Questions
There is a section here that answers many of the questions visitors ask about Imber and St Giles Church.  Please look here before asking us your question in an email.  It may be answered for you.  Click Here for Answers

We are on Facebook
We have entered the 21st century and now have a facebook page.  Please use it to see what we are up to and to tell us about your visit to St Giles Church.  Share your pictures as well.  Also, sign up to our mailing list for information on open days.

SPTA Safety Leaflet
We have been given a copy of the SPTA Imber Safety Leaflet and are pleased to make it available on our FAQs page take a look at the leaflet here

Want a Fridge Magnet ?
We now have St Giles Church Fridge Magnets for sale.  They can be purchased in the church on open days or if you want one now, go to our shop for details

Need Questions Answered ?
We now have a Frequently Asked Questions section.  Please see the menu on the left hand side to go to the "Any Questions?" page.

Important Information Regarding Access to Imber
There is no public access to Imber except on dates shown on this web site. 
  Please click here for information regarding access to Imber Village

We have received images from a number of contributors.  They have been arranged in sections. We hope you like the way they are presented.
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Having problems finding us ?
Some people have difficulties finding when to turn off the main roads

  Directions to Imber

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