Last Updated 07 Jan 2018


Film and Television Companies please note.

St Giles Church in Imber village is not the property of the Ministry of Defence. If, when you plan to film on SPTA you would like access to the church, you MUST contact the custodian, Neil Skelton, to gain access. There have been occasions when film crews have gone in the church unsupervised and have left damage.

All Film and TV companies must take note of the following contact information.

If you wish to film on the Salisbury Plain Training Area (SPTA) at any time you MUST contact:
Gemma Poolman, SW Event Co-ordinator, Landmarc Support Services Limited, Building 9, Westdown Camp, Tilshead, Wiltshire. SP3 4RS 

Tel (mobile only) 07884 231 791  Gemma is available Mondays to Wednesdays only.
However, if filming on SPTA is to include St Giles church or just the church alone application must also be made to the church custodian as follows:

Neil Skelton

by email on:

Or by telephone: (mobile number) 07968 242 075

Please give as much advance notice as possible to both contacts

Filming in the church will attract a fee as will filming on SPTA.  It should be remembered that as the military training area is in regular use public access outside of advertised open days is limited.